Tuesday, 3 August 2010

It's all in the detail...

Continuing our theme of Bespoke Kitchens, we had such a great response from our previous article, and our clients and contacts asked for more details of our beautiful kitchen cabinetry. Our recent installation in Amersham has a tailor made larder, with walnut veneer shelves, bread and snack compartments. Our client runs a busy household, with two active, sports-mad boys, and the brief for the kitchen was practical but elegant.

This tall double larder opens out to allow all food stocks to be visible, and baking goods, spices and cereals are neatly arranged. This means everything is organised and accessible. The special compartments for bread and snacks are hand carved, and of course the drawers can be initialled with any name or quote.
We also like to add curves to our kitchens, which work particularly well on large islands, and this helps to soften the whole look, giving a hand made feel to the design.

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