Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Integrating Indoor and Outdoor Space

At Icon Interiors, we work with our select group of garden designers to integrate indoor and outdoor space. This ensures that the design theme is coherent thoughout, and the indoor and outdoor projects can be planned in accordance with the whole budget and overall schedule in mind.

Inspired by our fabulous weather at the moment, and the fact that we are actually able to enjoy our outdoor space, our product focus today is on David Harber Sundials - see website for further details - http://www.davidharbersundials.co.uk/. Inspired by the interaction of light, landscape and water, David Harber uses contemporary three-dimensional design to celebrate unpredictability, illusion and the passage of time.

With obvious classical references, each piece also stands as an original work of garden art, and will work in both small and large gardens to create a focal point of interest, and draw the eye towards a point in the garden to create a sense of journey.

When considering such important pieces, it is vital to consider lighting prior to installation. Lighting will create drama and enhance the sculpture, giving the garden life after dark. See John Cullen Lighting for ideas to uplight trees and shrubs, as well as lighting more architectural elements in the garden, such as pergolas and gazebos.

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