Monday, 26 April 2010

The Design Stage

Our main objective is for our client to live or work in a beautiful space, and good design ensures budgets are allocated for maximum effect. The finished design should reflect the client’s needs and personal style – not the interior designer's!

We take a detailed Brief from the client, and discuss the Budget to be allocated to the project. Once our Fee Proposal is agreed, we Survey the site and produce floor plans and elevations for each room.

Having assessed the space, the Creative process can begin, and we like to involve the client as much as possible by holding regular meetings and arranging Sourcing trips.

As the design emerges, we produce a Mood Board to show how the design has been inspired. Samples of fabrics, flooring, and wall finishes will be collated as required. A product list will also be provided, which confirms the Detail of each item specified, including supplier, product codes and prices. The Design information is then presented to client, who now has a fully detailed bespoke design which is ready for implementation.

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